Casework Assistance: Your Voice Matters

At the heart of my commitment as your representative for the 20th District of the Mississippi House of Representatives is my unwavering dedication to serving you, the People. I understand that navigating government agencies can sometimes be challenging, and that's where I step in.

What is Casework?

Casework is about addressing your concerns and assisting with administrative matters at each level of government - Federal, State, and Local. Whether you're dealing with issues related to benefits, government forms, educational opportunities, or any state-level challenges, I'm here to help. My number one priority is to defend your rights, and ensure your needs are met.

How Can We Assist You?

My mission is to make government work for you. Common casework requests include:

- Resolving issues with benefits payments

- Assisting with government forms

- Applying for state benefits

- Clarifying government decisions

- Navigating the application process for various programs

- Seeking relief from administrative decisions

Your Advocate in Government

Contrary to the perception that government processes are complex and inaccessible, I am here to break down those barriers.

If you require assistance with casework or have any state-level concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your voice matters, and together, we can work towards a better Mississippi.

Your Ideas, Your Voice: Engage with Your Capitol

Welcome to the heart of Mississippi's legislative process, where your ideas and presence are not just valued but cherished. I believe that the Capitol Chamber is, in fact, the People of Mississippi's House, and it's always open to you. If you're in Jackson, I would be honored to meet you and discuss your thoughts, concerns, and aspirations for our great state.

Your Ideas Shape Our Future

I firmly believe that the best ideas emerge from those who are most directly affected by government decisions – the People. If you have a legislative proposal, whether it pertains to policy, spending, or appropriations, please get in touch with me through the link below. Your input is instrumental in shaping the legislation that impacts our community and our state.

Internship Opportunities

Are you passionate about policy matters? Do you want to play an active role in our legislative process? Internships are a fantastic way to gain hands-on experience and contribute to improving our district and state. If you're interested in interning in the district or at the Capitol, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Your active participation makes a difference, and together, we can work towards a brighter future for Mississippi.

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